July 20, 2015

Shot the Lead in High School Noir, an independent pilot in the vein of "Veronica Mars" and "Brick."

December 5, 2014

Shot Big House, a French Feature, written and directed by Jean-Emmanuel Godart, starring Yaniss Lespert and Gerard Depardieu.

December 1, 2014

Called back by Rattlestick Theatre for an upcoming production of "Graduation Day," a new play by Emily Daly.

October 30, 2014

Cast in an upcoming Massada Commercial. Filming Sunday, November 2nd, it will be a spoof on the Attenborough "Planet Earth." Tyler will be featured in the segment on Alpha / Beta dynamics at a bar.

November 4, 2014

Cast in a developmental reading of a new musical, "Lyra," based on Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid. Tyler will play Pierrot -- as circus esthetics are integral to the production. Written by Ashley Griffin, Music by Evan Newman.

October 15, 2014

In callbacks for the new musical in development, "Light It Up," at the Classical Theatre of Harlem.

September 18 and 22, 2014

Tyler was cast in two Garnier Commericals, featuring YouTube sensation Naseem Delan.

“Christopher Robin and Owl are played by Tyler Jakes[...]Jakes shows each character distinctly — the youthful internal conflict of the real boy is sensitively drawn, while the birdlike mannerisms and authoritative demeanor of Owl are clear opposites.” — Michael P. Howley

Gabe Barre's "Battlecry"
as Quentin
ASF's "House at Pooh Corner"
as Christopher Robin and Owl

“Another unlikely, yet fun couple are two Southern “boys” portrayed by Tyler Jakes and Meg Schabdach as Quentin and Lil’ Joe.  Jakes’ powerful voice serves him well as this good ol’ Southern boy” -- Patriot News, PA




September 15, 2014

Tyler was called in for a Co-Star on "Gotham" by Bowling/Miscia Casting.

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